Bus Life coming through...

We're back from a busy week in London & very excited to show you our new Hardwicke Circus tour bus (pic below)!! We want to say a big thank you to everybody who came down to the Bus Fundraiser gigs and to all of you in the Border City for getting behind this band - you know who you are! Here's a pic of our sound guy and driver 'Little Jason' to show you the size of this thing!!

Before we can get it on the road we need to assemble the 12 bunks, build the recording studio & the fold out stage, and set up the coffee machine...So we're calling on any Carpenters, Joiners, Bus Enthusiasts! If you think you could help us with any materials or lend a hand with the project, get in touch...

But first, it's COMPETITION time! Like any respectable ship, our new Bus needs a NAME. Comment what you think she should be called and you'll be in with a chance of winning VIP tickets to one of our gigs, a limited edition HC bundle, and even a ride on the Bus...Get commenting and sharing!

We're doing this our way and making waves around the country. It's great having you all onboard.

HC. x

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