Fly The Flag


‘Produced by Stiff's Dave Robinson and with guests Earl Slick and Terry Edwards, the Carlisle quintet's second album rocks Dexys-level dynamism: Motown dancers, E Street shuffles, baritone ‘bom boms’, stirring brass and ballads laced with romance and humour’. 

A review in Americana UK concludes “the skillful musicianship, variety of styles and smart lyrics make this well worth a listen.”

Power Pop News said, “All twelve songs on Fly the Flag are worthy of your attention – not a clunker in the lot. Best of all, it’s different from anything else out this year.”

Michael Doherty’s Music Log says “Both ‘Night Train To London’ and ‘It’s Not Over Till It’s Over’ make me really want to see this band in concert.”  (You are welcome at any of our gigs, Michael.)

Bloggerrhythms says “The Hardwickes are a top notch, rock and roll quintet with a vintage sound and modern passions. Fly the Flag is their second studio record and it arrives after a live LP they recorded in an English prison.”

Jeff Burger wrote in Americana Highways, “Its rhythmic, consistently thrilling, frequently anthemic music, which features superlative vocal work and liberal use of brass instruments, recalls Motown and Bruce Springsteen as well as the Clash and English Beat.”

Goldmine magazine wrote “ …  these offerings weigh in on their own merits, especially such songs as ‘The Color In Everything,’ ‘Bang My Head (To the Rhythm of Life),’ ‘Our Town,’ and ‘It’s Not Over Til It’s Over,’ all of which sound like absolute standards even from the get-go.”

Dave’s Mix Tape says “Their latest album, Fly The Flag, was released last month and is a true joy to listen to. A blend of rock and roll, Motown and 21st Century pop, the songs are catchy, classic and sound like a band that works so well together and is comfortable with each other.”

The Old Grey Cat says “ … Hardwicke Circus’ sophomore studio set, Fly the Flag, is an utterly infectious outing that’s simultaneously retro and modern; it borrows from the past to celebrate the present and future. On first listen, one hears overt and covert echoes of Motown, the Jam and Clash, plus the Beatles and other bygone bands, not to mention an artist who’s still going strong: Bruce Springsteen.”

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