There’s a Bad Moon On The Rise

There’s a bad moon on the rise.

January's a funny old month, a combination of Christmas hangover
and fresh-faced optimism can often lead to the year’s foremost month slipping by with little noteworthy incidence, dragging us kicking and screaming into the vacuous abyss that is February (let’s all agree that November is the preeminent month). However, in a startling break from tradition, this has not been the case for Hardwicke Circus this year.

First (and probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me all year) the band have fled the sub-zero conditions of HCHQ and have been granted access to the venerable Tom Foster’s bedroom, where we have been writing and rehearsing for the past week in luxurious surroundings that include electric drum kit, open fireplace and a James Bond DVD collection that would put Timothy Dalton to shame. The legends say that no person other than its enigmatic proprietor has entered this Bond basilica in living memory, unfortunately myself and my colleagues have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements so I can say no more than this; we are excited about the music we have made there
and so you should be.

Next, we are excited to announce that the HC bus is starting to really take shape, with the next task being the making and fitting of ten bunk beds that will allow us to rest our weary heads on the road. We are of course always on the lookout for any help and support from the community so if there’s any joiners, metal workers or mattress providers that would like to support a young and upcoming band we would greatly appreciate it. Let me also take a moment to offer our sincere thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped us with this project so far, a job that once seemed insurmountable has been made possible by the amazing support we have received by the community of Carlisle and beyond, so thank you for helping us make our fantasy a reality.

Finally, having returned from our run of gigs at the start of the year in the Big Smoke, we are excited to be back on stage later in the month and into February, with a slew of gigs already announced and more to come. We will be playing at the Big Burns Supper Festival in Dumfries on Saturday 26th January along with acts such as Frank Turner and KT Tunstall, followed by a gig at The Green in Kinross on Sunday 27th and at Aatma, Manchester on Saturday 2nd February. To keep up with gig announcements and all other exciting HC news check out our website at, catch us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter or sign up to our weekly newsletter. This year is set to be another big one so keep up to date for some very exciting announcements.

That’s it for this week, love yourself, love thy neighbour and pogue mahone. H.C. x

Photo by James Vincent

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