Thanks To The Hope

Welcome back one and all to the HC blog.

Firstly the year is now a over a week old so the next person to wish me a happy new year be prepared to suffer the consequences.

On to less important matters, I'd like to thank everyone who came down to our salubrious digs over the past 4 months at the Hope and Anchor, especially all of you who came down to our last show on Wednesday of last week. We've had a real blast playing this legendary venue to fans and friend new and old and with some of our musical heroes both in attendance and joining us on stage. Special shout outs to Andrew for putting us on, Graham Parker for joining us for a renditions of his classic version of 'Tear Your Playhouse Down' and Dayton for being peer pressured onto the stage during 'When The Chips Are Down' but proving himself to the finest whistler the American east coast has to offer all the same. Thanks also to Elle Bailey for the great snaps and to all the great bands and artists who supported us over the four shows.

In other news we have been back in the studio to work on some new tunes with the East End's famous brass master Terry Edwards. We can't wait to show you all what we've been cooking up over the past couple of weeks. After our stint in the studio you'll be able to catch us live next on Saturday 2nd February at Aatma in Manchester. 

To keep up with all our shows make sure to get onto the Facebook and Instagram or sign up to our mailing list. We hope to see you all out there soon.
Keep it clean and pogue mahone,
H.C x    

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