Some call him Tim

There’s a man about town in old Carlisle, carrying an acoustic guitar and a new-found sense of self. Some call him Tim.  

I was ecstatic to discover that Hardwicke Circus’ good friend Tim Baugh has recorded an E.P in Kiwi Studios entitled Throw Caution to the Wind, planning a launch at the Vinyl Café on 24th February. 

The first reason this is such good news is because I’m excited to hear Tim’s music put to tape, music which is simple, sincere and relatable on a base human level. However, it is also exciting because of what it clearly means for Tim and how it represents the freedom music offers people.  

You see it wasn’t so long ago that it would require substantial persuasion to encourage Tim onto the stage. I remember the first time I ever saw him get up at the Source open mike night and play a couple of songs from his childhood, the experience was so thrilling for him it was impossible not to enjoy. At that time Tim felt that if he could play a gig of his own with his own material to a crowd he would have achieved something beautiful. It is where we all begin in music and is one of the purest forms of joy there is. 

Fast forward only a small time and Tim is now a seasoned performer around Carlisle, having played sets of his own original material (of which he says he has around an hour) at gigs at The Source, the Vinyl Café, the Old Fire Station, as well as playing at the Within the Walls festival and many others. The confidence he now exudes from the stage show how much his music and his experience has helped him grow. It’s brilliant to see Tim achieve the things he is achieving and play alongside some of the other great musicians in this fair city.  

Tim’s life hasn’t always been easy, his music contains stories of sour love and dark times. He has spent most of his adult life as a chef, only really coming to writing and performing music recently, but it’s clear that his songs have given him an outlet for the stories that are so close to him. The E.P contains 6 original tracks, including the classic ‘Bottle of Wine’, and a cover of a Deep Purple track. 

Tim really is a great example of music freeing a person, allowing them to pursue goals they thought beyond them and express ideas and emotions they thought inexpressible, it’s been a pleasure to support and follow him and I can’t wait to see what he does next.  

You’re gonna love him, you just don’t know it yet.

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