Seasons Greetings

Hello hello hello and welcome back to the Hardwicke Circus blog.

Bruce was born to run, Queen were born to love you but I apparently was not born to be punctual or consistent with these blogs so apologies for that but it’s now time to dive back in and let’s all pray we go for a bit longer this time around.

We continue to work diligently towards living the bus life, the support we received at our fund-raising gigs at the venerable Source Collective was truly magnificent and allowed us to buy into the life we so desired. But of course, this was only the first step on a long road and the real work has now begun. Some of the boys have displayed hitherto unforeseen talent for task such as angle grinding, welding and I truly believe Tom Foster is the finest bus seat remover in the parish. All this with a little help from our friends and the bus is starting to take shape and should be the rolling venue/studio/home we promised any time now. And FYI we are 100% ready to sell our souls to the corporate machine so if anyone requires any highly visible advertising often parked in locations with heavy footfall we are definitely open to negotiation. Looking at you Phillip Day.

In other news our residency at the legendary Hope and Anchor, Islington continues to be as successful as it is raucous. With crowds growing by the night and a chance to play longer sets with a host of new songs to go with a slew of our favourite covers, the shows have been nothing but heart stopping. To top it off we have been joined by such British music luminaries as Jona Lewie, Graham Parker and certain members of Madness. Big thanks to all the support acts that have joined us on stage during our run, especially Roshane Young, who was a victim of attempted wrongful arrest just two days before the show but still managed to make it down in time to smash it out the park once again. Anyone in London town on Wednesday 2nd January come down to help us power into the new year.

Finally look to the links on Instagram and Facebook to check out our new song ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing and recording a bunch of new songs and we can’t wait to unleash them on to you very soon!

H.C x

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