Thanks To The Hope

Welcome back one and all to the HC blog.

Firstly the year is now a over a week old so the next person to wish me a happy new year be prepared to suffer the consequences.

On to less important matters, I'd like to thank everyone who came down to our salubrious digs over the past 4 months at the Hope and Anchor, especially all of you who came down to our last show on Wednesday of last week. We've had a real blast playing this legendary venue to fans and friend new and old and with some of our musical heroes both in attendance and joining us on stage. Special shout outs to Andrew for putting us on, Graham Parker for joining us for a renditions of his classic version of 'Tear Your Playhouse Down' and Dayton for being peer pressured onto the stage during 'When The Chips Are Down' but proving himself to the finest whistler the American east coast has to offer all the same. Thanks also to Elle Bailey for the great snaps and to all the great bands and artists who supported us over the four shows.

In other news we have been back in the studio to work on some new tunes with the East End's famous brass master Terry Edwards. We can't wait to show you all what we've been cooking up over the past couple of weeks. After our stint in the studio you'll be able to catch us live next on Saturday 2nd February at Aatma in Manchester. 

To keep up with all our shows make sure to get onto the Facebook and Instagram or sign up to our mailing list. We hope to see you all out there soon.
Keep it clean and pogue mahone,
H.C x    

Seasons Greetings

Hello hello hello and welcome back to the Hardwicke Circus blog.

Bruce was born to run, Queen were born to love you but I apparently was not born to be punctual or consistent with these blogs so apologies for that but it’s now time to dive back in and let’s all pray we go for a bit longer this time around.

We continue to work diligently towards living the bus life, the support we received at our fund-raising gigs at the venerable Source Collective was truly magnificent and allowed us to buy into the life we so desired. But of course, this was only the first step on a long road and the real work has now begun. Some of the boys have displayed hitherto unforeseen talent for task such as angle grinding, welding and I truly believe Tom Foster is the finest bus seat remover in the parish. All this with a little help from our friends and the bus is starting to take shape and should be the rolling venue/studio/home we promised any time now. And FYI we are 100% ready to sell our souls to the corporate machine so if anyone requires any highly visible advertising often parked in locations with heavy footfall we are definitely open to negotiation. Looking at you Phillip Day.

In other news our residency at the legendary Hope and Anchor, Islington continues to be as successful as it is raucous. With crowds growing by the night and a chance to play longer sets with a host of new songs to go with a slew of our favourite covers, the shows have been nothing but heart stopping. To top it off we have been joined by such British music luminaries as Jona Lewie, Graham Parker and certain members of Madness. Big thanks to all the support acts that have joined us on stage during our run, especially Roshane Young, who was a victim of attempted wrongful arrest just two days before the show but still managed to make it down in time to smash it out the park once again. Anyone in London town on Wednesday 2nd January come down to help us power into the new year.

Finally look to the links on Instagram and Facebook to check out our new song ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing and recording a bunch of new songs and we can’t wait to unleash them on to you very soon!

H.C x

International Woman’s Day

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone who came
out to our gig at the Map Studio Café last week, it was a lot of fun and great to be back down into the big smoke again, even if only briefly.

Next, most of you will be aware that today marks International Women’s Day. We whole heartedly support the need to raise awareness of the litany of both historic and contemporary women of note, as well as to recognise and appreciate every woman and girl who raises up to face the modern-day struggles 100 years after women won the right to vote. It is clear that many sectors of the modern day world are still patriarchal in nature and it is important to instill in women of all ages a belief that they belong in the upper-echelons of whatever walk of life they choose to devote themselves to, to offset generations of historic oppression  

For anyone who’s interested, vogue published an interview with Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, founder of the Women in Leadership publication and co-organiser of Women’s March London, on the significance of IWD and the advancement of women across the globe. It’s definitely worth 5 minutes of your time.   

There are a lot of great, up-coming, female fronted bands; some of our favourites include Hinds, Dream Wife, Black Honey, Kate Tempest and
Nicotine, along with a load of others. You should check them out.

Finally, on a brief side note, tomorrow is my birthday.

So yay for me. 

A Letter to Bruce Springsteen

Dear Bruce

I was surprised to learn recently that you did not at first
take to the moniker ‘The Boss’ with which you are now intrinsic due to your distaste of the bossman giving you hell. And although I was initially surprised it actually makes perfect sense, your reticent acceptance of your title is clear evidence of the sincerity of everything that people have taken you to represent; the beauty of the working man and woman, the power of every person’s story.

There is no better medium for the expression of these values than live music, it is stirring to see people still empowered by music in a time where it has been cheapened by the ascension of shallow, soulless musical machinery (I know this is a common gripe but it was on my mind and I thought you would understand). You only need to look to the reclamation of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ as a symbol of hopeful solidarity in the face of the Manchester terror attacks in May of 2017 for a representation of the unique unifying power music possess. 

A more personal example is as follows, we recently found ourselves
aboard a canal barge in the heart of Camden Lock, an exciting but daunting experience as the captain warned us that too much movement would see both ourselves and our gear thrown into the water, something that would’ve made for entertaining viewing for the hundreds of people who were (hopefully pleasantly) surprised to find a young rock and roll band sailing into their lunch time. As much as the excitement we felt stemmed from the novelty of playing on a river vessel, it was also in witnessing the coming together of this crowd of people who, as far as we know, had no prior connection to each other and would not have been interacting in such a way had it not been for our nautical performance. Rather than the usual introverted lunch time rush, people were chatting, singing and dancing in the streets, which was a joy to behold, despite being told to turn it down by some unappreciative coppers (we didn’t(we turned it up)). So whether it was Jonny and Andy taking to the roof to see the whites of Camden’s eyes, or the lovely older couple who attempted to board our boat and sail down the river with us (we think they may have mistaken us for a water taxi) the memory of this particular gig will stay with us for some time.

I hope people aren’t starting to forget about the path of live music, I hope you are not the last man to play a three hour show and have the people begging for more. From the beginning we have aspired to consistently bring the same power and love to the stage as you’ve been doing your whole career and we’re looking forward to making more memories like this one in the future. 

We’ll be back to the big smoke on Wednesday 28th February for a gig at the map studio café; if you want to pop your head in it would be lovely to see you.

Hope you are well,

Hardwicke Circus

Some call him Tim

There’s a man about town in old Carlisle, carrying an acoustic guitar and a new-found sense of self. Some call him Tim.  

I was ecstatic to discover that Hardwicke Circus’ good friend Tim Baugh has recorded an E.P in Kiwi Studios entitled Throw Caution to the Wind, planning a launch at the Vinyl Café on 24th February. 

The first reason this is such good news is because I’m excited to hear Tim’s music put to tape, music which is simple, sincere and relatable on a base human level. However, it is also exciting because of what it clearly means for Tim and how it represents the freedom music offers people.  

You see it wasn’t so long ago that it would require substantial persuasion to encourage Tim onto the stage. I remember the first time I ever saw him get up at the Source open mike night and play a couple of songs from his childhood, the experience was so thrilling for him it was impossible not to enjoy. At that time Tim felt that if he could play a gig of his own with his own material to a crowd he would have achieved something beautiful. It is where we all begin in music and is one of the purest forms of joy there is. 

Fast forward only a small time and Tim is now a seasoned performer around Carlisle, having played sets of his own original material (of which he says he has around an hour) at gigs at The Source, the Vinyl Café, the Old Fire Station, as well as playing at the Within the Walls festival and many others. The confidence he now exudes from the stage show how much his music and his experience has helped him grow. It’s brilliant to see Tim achieve the things he is achieving and play alongside some of the other great musicians in this fair city.  

Tim’s life hasn’t always been easy, his music contains stories of sour love and dark times. He has spent most of his adult life as a chef, only really coming to writing and performing music recently, but it’s clear that his songs have given him an outlet for the stories that are so close to him. The E.P contains 6 original tracks, including the classic ‘Bottle of Wine’, and a cover of a Deep Purple track. 

Tim really is a great example of music freeing a person, allowing them to pursue goals they thought beyond them and express ideas and emotions they thought inexpressible, it’s been a pleasure to support and follow him and I can’t wait to see what he does next.  

You’re gonna love him, you just don’t know it yet.

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