Birthday Boys

Last week we celebrated two birthdays; on Tuesday Zack turned 20 and on Thursday Andy turned 46. In recognition of their special days, we’ve written up a brief profile of the lads.

Born in the wilds of northern Scotland on 28th November 1997 to English parents, Zack has never truly felt like he belonged. His dichotomous existence has left him in a state of perpetual internal conflict, often leaving Zack looking vacant or confused at the simplest of tasks.  Some have confused this for Zack being ‘thick’ and asking if he is ‘okay’. Despite this constant internal struggle, Zack has found one thing he is certain about; his love for all things six stringed. Having original taken up the guitar as the loud noise would scare off the savages that attempted to raid his cave, he found he had an affinity for the axe. Taking influence from Rory Gallagher, Tom Petty and Dolph the Elder he joined the band close to three years ago having first seen us play in Glasgow at King Tuts. Zack enjoys writing Gothic poetry, ducking under doorways and drinking gin. 

Little is known of the history Andrew James Phillips. Reports are wildly inconsistent, and include claims that he was one of the prime suspects in the Great Train Robbery, that he kick started the summer of love by importing LSD from Columbia into San Francisco and that he may have played a role in the French Revolution, all under a series of pseudonyms. What we do know is he was born on November 30th, and that at some point in his enigmatic journey through live he discovered a love for music. We met Andy whilst he graced the good folk of Carlisle College with his smooth, velvety tones in 2014 and quickly snapped him up to fill the vacant tenor sax position. Andy takes influence from Clarence Clememts, Bobby Keys and Michael Brecker and can often be found listening to New Orleans Jazz and reading Nietzsche in the back of the van. Andy enjoys learning new languages (of which he claims to speak 13), stretching to peer over dashboards and his favorite color is a light mauve (also please ask him if a piano is a string or a percussion instrument, he doesn’t get asked enough).      

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