The Guided Tour Of The South Coast Tour Pt. 1

We’re now 3 days into the Guided Tour Of The South Coast Tour and I’m sure my loyal fans are clamouring for some sweet deets.

In a slightly bizarre scheduling decision our tour of south England kicked off in Preston, undoubtedly a great venue in a top uni town but the only way we could’ve been further form the south coast is if we’d just remained at home. Non the less Preston really knows how to show a guy a good time.

We played in Vinyl Tap, a bar/restaurant/venue that has a great take on the vinyl revival, the amazing record collection it holds is not for sale, instead you pick the album you want to hear and the bar staff will play it in full. A great, novel idea that gives a special, inclusive atmosphere. Part of the fun is owner Sean and his amazing hat, a classic cowboy Stetson, definitely from Yosemite, possibly from Clint himself. Having performed the traditional hat appreciation dance with Andy we proceeded to discuss the many virtues of Bruce Springsteen’s The River for up to half an hour before our set.

The gig was our first chance to work some new tracks into the set which is always exciting and in this case also well received, which is a nice bonus. We also bore witness to the talents of UCLAN’s 3x intramural Rodeo champion, who used the breakdown of Walda to display the proper technique when breaking in a firey mustang before disappearing enigmatically into the night.

Our next stop was to the famous Cavern, Raynes Park to play for Noel and his gang of Merry Men. This is a gig that has come to be one of our favourites, Noel’s pub is a real throw back to the times when music pubs were packed every night and showcased some of the best up coming bands in town. Unfortunately this did require a through the night drive from Preston straight to Wimbledon, with departure at 1am and arrival at a mind bending 8am. Huge props to our driver and sound guy Jason for pulling off this feat of human perseverance and still being able to put up with Andy’s shit craic during sound check. The Cavern is always a top night and huge thanks again to Sue and her amazing jugs, which she once again hassled the poor patrons to fill with cash (nothing but notes she’s not trying to make a phone call…)

Next we were off to the very cool Balabam, Tottenham. The venue is relatively new but has already garnered a reputation for great nights of music and it’s easy to see why, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, the staff are very easy going and the beer is shit hot, I’d recommend anyone who has a chance to catch a gig there to head down.

First thing was the matinee showing of Tom’s debut porno, written and directed by Jonny Foster. Thanks to everyone who made it down, we had not anticipated such rapturous acclaim.

pre-gig we had our first experience of Ethiopian food, which was delicious and generally well received but was a bit hot for poor Zack’s sensitive little mouth, who, having gone white as a sheet from the first mouthful, proceeded to eat in stoic silence, glistening with sweat and with a slight tremor in his hands. Maybe stick to the kormas next time kiddo.

This fuelled us up nicely for the two sets we played that night. The new songs continue to grow as we play them in and are now fitting nicely into the set, after three successful shows we’re feeling confident and ready to take on anyone. Also great to see some friendly faces, the lovely Paul of Dead Writers fame, our good pal and Carlisle lad Ronan McManus (who you’ll hopefully be able to catch at The Source in the not too distant future, something which I heartily encourage you to do) and producer/promoter/engineer/all round top bloke Russ.

And finally the McDonalds intake leaderboard currently sits thusly:

In third place with a respectable 2 meals in 3 days, it’s the man in the middle, J Dog Foster;

Sitting in a surprise second place with 3 meals in 3 days, a potential dark horse for the title? It’s Zack McDaddy;

And tearing away into what must surely be approaching an insurmountable lead, with a nauseating 6 Maccy meals in 3 days, the man with the iron stomach, you knew it from the beginning.

Jason motherfucking Randall.


Let everyday be mother’s day and pogue mahone, HC. X

I Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again

Touring is the only vice Keith Richards never kicked, despite it being the most expensive, tiring, life consuming of all old Keef’s habits. The reason for that is because it’s the greatest thing about being in a band and is one of the last pure things left in this world.

Rock n Roll is alive and it’s coming for you.

We’re bringing Northern Rock along on our Guided Tour of the South Coast tour, playing 15 shows in 16 days in venues from Walthamstow to Whitstable. Getting to grips with the south coast is something we’ve been looking at for a long while in what we feel will be a great chance for us to show our brothers and sisters down below the big band mentality that a lot of modern music is missing. Whether it be reacquainting ourselves with venues we’ve played in the past, finally getting to play where we’ve seen some great gigs before or hitting some new stages in new towns, we can’t wait to get this train rolling and we’ve got a surprise filled set to celebrate.

Catch us at any of the following venues:

Fri 29 Mar – Vinyl Tap, Preston
Sat 30 Mar – The Cavern, Raynes Park, London
Sun 31Mar – Balabam, Tottenham, London
Thur 4 Apr – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate
Fri 5 Apr – The Lighthouse, Deal
Sat 6 Apr – The Half Moon, Putney, London
Sun 7 Apr – Latest Music Bar, Brighton
Mon 8 Apr – The Holroyd Arms, Guildford
Tue 9 Apr – The Railway Hotel, Southend
Wed 10 Apr – Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton
Fri 12 Apr – Blackmarket VIP, Hastings
Sat 13 Apr – The Rose & Crown, Walthamstow, London
Sun 14 Apr – The Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable
Thur 18 Apr – The Bedford, Balham, London
Fri 19 Apr – The Magic Garden, Battersea, London

For further info including stage times catch us on facebook, twitter and Instagram, we can’t wait to see you there.

Don’t forgot to floss and pogue mahone,

H.C x

Photo by Milo Robinson

There’s a Bad Moon On The Rise

There’s a bad moon on the rise.

January's a funny old month, a combination of Christmas hangover
and fresh-faced optimism can often lead to the year’s foremost month slipping by with little noteworthy incidence, dragging us kicking and screaming into the vacuous abyss that is February (let’s all agree that November is the preeminent month). However, in a startling break from tradition, this has not been the case for Hardwicke Circus this year.

First (and probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me all year) the band have fled the sub-zero conditions of HCHQ and have been granted access to the venerable Tom Foster’s bedroom, where we have been writing and rehearsing for the past week in luxurious surroundings that include electric drum kit, open fireplace and a James Bond DVD collection that would put Timothy Dalton to shame. The legends say that no person other than its enigmatic proprietor has entered this Bond basilica in living memory, unfortunately myself and my colleagues have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements so I can say no more than this; we are excited about the music we have made there
and so you should be.

Next, we are excited to announce that the HC bus is starting to really take shape, with the next task being the making and fitting of ten bunk beds that will allow us to rest our weary heads on the road. We are of course always on the lookout for any help and support from the community so if there’s any joiners, metal workers or mattress providers that would like to support a young and upcoming band we would greatly appreciate it. Let me also take a moment to offer our sincere thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped us with this project so far, a job that once seemed insurmountable has been made possible by the amazing support we have received by the community of Carlisle and beyond, so thank you for helping us make our fantasy a reality.

Finally, having returned from our run of gigs at the start of the year in the Big Smoke, we are excited to be back on stage later in the month and into February, with a slew of gigs already announced and more to come. We will be playing at the Big Burns Supper Festival in Dumfries on Saturday 26th January along with acts such as Frank Turner and KT Tunstall, followed by a gig at The Green in Kinross on Sunday 27th and at Aatma, Manchester on Saturday 2nd February. To keep up with gig announcements and all other exciting HC news check out our website at, catch us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter or sign up to our weekly newsletter. This year is set to be another big one so keep up to date for some very exciting announcements.

That’s it for this week, love yourself, love thy neighbour and pogue mahone. H.C. x

Photo by James Vincent

Thanks To The Hope

Welcome back one and all to the HC blog.

Firstly the year is now a over a week old so the next person to wish me a happy new year be prepared to suffer the consequences.

On to less important matters, I'd like to thank everyone who came down to our salubrious digs over the past 4 months at the Hope and Anchor, especially all of you who came down to our last show on Wednesday of last week. We've had a real blast playing this legendary venue to fans and friend new and old and with some of our musical heroes both in attendance and joining us on stage. Special shout outs to Andrew for putting us on, Graham Parker for joining us for a renditions of his classic version of 'Tear Your Playhouse Down' and Dayton for being peer pressured onto the stage during 'When The Chips Are Down' but proving himself to the finest whistler the American east coast has to offer all the same. Thanks also to Elle Bailey for the great snaps and to all the great bands and artists who supported us over the four shows.

In other news we have been back in the studio to work on some new tunes with the East End's famous brass master Terry Edwards. We can't wait to show you all what we've been cooking up over the past couple of weeks. After our stint in the studio you'll be able to catch us live next on Saturday 2nd February at Aatma in Manchester. 

To keep up with all our shows make sure to get onto the Facebook and Instagram or sign up to our mailing list. We hope to see you all out there soon.
Keep it clean and pogue mahone,
H.C x    

Seasons Greetings

Hello hello hello and welcome back to the Hardwicke Circus blog.

Bruce was born to run, Queen were born to love you but I apparently was not born to be punctual or consistent with these blogs so apologies for that but it’s now time to dive back in and let’s all pray we go for a bit longer this time around.

We continue to work diligently towards living the bus life, the support we received at our fund-raising gigs at the venerable Source Collective was truly magnificent and allowed us to buy into the life we so desired. But of course, this was only the first step on a long road and the real work has now begun. Some of the boys have displayed hitherto unforeseen talent for task such as angle grinding, welding and I truly believe Tom Foster is the finest bus seat remover in the parish. All this with a little help from our friends and the bus is starting to take shape and should be the rolling venue/studio/home we promised any time now. And FYI we are 100% ready to sell our souls to the corporate machine so if anyone requires any highly visible advertising often parked in locations with heavy footfall we are definitely open to negotiation. Looking at you Phillip Day.

In other news our residency at the legendary Hope and Anchor, Islington continues to be as successful as it is raucous. With crowds growing by the night and a chance to play longer sets with a host of new songs to go with a slew of our favourite covers, the shows have been nothing but heart stopping. To top it off we have been joined by such British music luminaries as Jona Lewie, Graham Parker and certain members of Madness. Big thanks to all the support acts that have joined us on stage during our run, especially Roshane Young, who was a victim of attempted wrongful arrest just two days before the show but still managed to make it down in time to smash it out the park once again. Anyone in London town on Wednesday 2nd January come down to help us power into the new year.

Finally look to the links on Instagram and Facebook to check out our new song ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing and recording a bunch of new songs and we can’t wait to unleash them on to you very soon!

H.C x

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